4 steps to a more efficient warehouse

Warehouses play a key role in the organisation of any distribution business, so if that’s not in order, who says the rest of the business will be? There is a lot to consider when running a successful company, but an organised, efficient warehouse will always give you a fighting chance.   

But how do you even start to run an effective warehouse?

Step 1. Keep your warehouse clean

Nobody wants to work in a messy environment, so not only will keeping your warehouse clean increase your organisation, employee satisfaction will also sky rocket. Putting aside an hour or two a week can make a big difference, as you never know what missing orders/products you may find. 

Step 2. Reassess your warehouse floor plan

Leading on from step 1, organisation in your warehouse is key. This means that all the employees should know exactly where each product or order is kept at all times. Reassessing your warehouse floor plan can give a fresh feel to the location, as well as reaffirming with employees where everything is kept, allowing them to suggest any changes that would help them become more efficient. When looking at your floor plan, consider the following:

  • Using all available space
  • Making sure all goods are easily accessible
  • Take into account employee comfort
  • Consider an efficient workflow, from goods entering the warehouse all the way until they leave
  • Ensure the office is easily accessible and in view of all workers 

Step 3. Label everything in your warehouse

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, most businesses up and down the country will find that a lot of their warehouse is not labelled correctly, which can cause confusion down the line. In many cases all the labelling was done just after the warehouse was opened but hasn’t been touched since. Refreshing your labelling can help all new starters as well as current staff to keep on top of the goods in the warehouse, making it much easier to go about their work efficiently. 

Step 4. Leave it to the experts

Nidd Transport are able to provide a complete warehousing solution, thanks to the 60,000 sq. ft. of space our purpose-built warehouse provides in Melmerby.  With over 4,000 fully racked pallet spaces, and a computerised stock solution, we can efficiently and effectively look after your individual requirements. To find out more about our warehousing, or to get a free no obligation quote, get in touch.

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