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Rebranding of Nidd Transport to Delamode Nidd Ltd

From 1st September 2021 – We are pleased to announce that Nidd Transport Ltd will formally adopt the Delamode International Logistics brand to become Delamode Nidd Ltd.

The Xpediator Plc Group, which Nidd and Delamode are part of, made the strategic decision to consolidate the UK freight forwarding operations to operate under a single brand identity earlier this year. This restructure simplifies and considerably strengthens the UK division’s freight management service provision and in which Nidd will eventually become part of.

The trading name for Nidd Transport Ltd will change to Delamode Nidd Ltd, however the business will also adopt the logo for Delamode International Logistics, as with all other Delamode branded companies. Nidd will remain focused on transporting goods to its key markets in Western Europe, such as Spain, France and Portugal, and to its national distribution customers, but will now be more competitive and better placed to cross sell Delamode’s Eastern and Western European Road freight services, Air, Sea, Rail and logistics services to its customer base.

Shaun Godfrey, COO of Freight Forwarding at Xpediator, said:

“The rebranding and integration of the UK freight forwarding division has made significant progress and the branding and operational integration of Nidd Transport Ltd will provide a clearer message to our customers, suppliers and partners and leverage commercial and operational synergy opportunities.  Nidd has a strong management, operational and sales team with expertise in the North of England complimenting Delamode’s strengths in the Midlands and Southern regions of the UK and developing a uniformed brand identity is important in helping to create a one team ethos within the division.

Heather Glegg, General Manager of Nidd, commented:

“I am looking forward to Nidd becoming part of the Delamode Brand and the enlarged UK Freight Forwarding division. Importantly, the management and fundamentals of the business will remain the same. We will continue to provide our customers with reliable, high quality freight solutions within the UK and to mainland Europe, whilst being in a privileged position to offer our customers an extended service offering.”

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Delamode Nidd completes trailer investment with SDC following Xpediator’s acquisition of Nidd last year.

Xpediator completes trailer investment with SDC following Nidd Transport acquisition.

North Yorkshire based haulier Nidd Transport, has taken delivery of ten new triaxle Curtainsiders from trailer manufacturer SDC, as part of an ongoing fleet renewal and growth strategy. The investment aims to enhance the company’s haulage operations together with parent group Xpediator, who acquired the business in 2020, as they build on their long-standing UK and European services.  

The new trailers were built at SDC’s Mansfield production base in Nottinghamshire and have joined Nidd’s UK operations, but who also service, Spain, France and Portugal.  

Certified to EN 12642-XL standard, the trailers are engineered with a highly durable, robotically welded chassis, bolt-on body, BPW Eco-plus axles, Haldex Generation 3 braking, ISO regulation and LED lighting, an integrated load securing system and safety components.  

Xpediator Plc, COO of Freight Forwarding, Shaun Godfrey said: “As a group, Xpediator is committed to delivering dynamic supply chain solutions. With a vision to becoming the leading international freight management and logistics provider, we depend on modern and reliable equipment, and I am pleased that our new SDC Curtainsider trailers will help us to continue our world-class transport services.” 

Nidd Transport Ltd, General Manager, Heather Glegg added that the investment in our trailer fleet is a testament to how Nidd transport views it customers, offering a premium service using premium equipment.

Setting the standard for trailer performance, SDC Trailers offers a customer-centred engineering approach that allows operators to maximise efficiency and savings over the life of the trailer. Sales Manager, Matthew Duxbury said: “I am delighted to work with the team at Nidd to deliver these top-of-the-range Curtainsiders , our Curtainsider range has been trusted by the leading transport companies for over 43 years, and our loyal customers reflect the quality build and longevity of our products. I wish Nidd Transport every success with the new fleet.”

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Post-Brexit Guidance Update: How to avoid delays and extra charges

Be prepared in advance and ensure you have the following in place:

  • Your EORI Number
  • A Customs representative, such as Nidd Transport, to act on your behalf
  • Duty Deferment Account arrangements in place (if duty is applicable to your goods)
  • Prepare to pay or account for VAT on imported goods
  • Know the commodity code(s) for your goods
  • Understand the details needed on commercial invoices

Have the right paper work and details in place

A number of issues have been causing delays for goods moving from the UK into the EU throughout the industry, including an increase in documentation, customs clearance delays and vehicles being stopped and turned around due to incorrect and incomplete customs paperwork.

From our interaction with customers a main challenge is related to documentation – which is why it is extremely important that we receive the required documentation and information to move your goods at the time of booking. 

We strongly recommend that you ensure you are fully prepare before wanting to import and/or export you good to help ensure you avoid unnecessary delays and extra costs.

Incomplete documentation will inevitably result in delays and possible extra charges – we are to help you through the process and avoid these unwanted situations. 

Commercial Invoices

It is very important that you send your Nidd Transport representative the correct commercial shipment documentation at the time of your booking. It is also vital to ensure all the correct information is contained on a commercial invoice. For a definitive list of what needs to be included please use our Post Brexit Guidance page for details – Post Brexit Guidance Page

Wooden pallets/packaging compliance

The use of wooden pallets/packaging material must be compliant to ISPM15 heat treatment the UK Government (DEFRA) have confirmed that from the 1st January 2021, it will be a legal requirement for all wood packaging material moving in both directions between UK and the EU to be compliant with a treatment and mark as specified in the International Standard for Phytosanitary measures No 15 (ISPM15).

We are here to help!

If you are planning to import and/or export and are unsure on what you need to do to avoid these unnecessary delays and additional costs, please refer to our Post Brexit checklist which will help to ensure you are prepared for importing and exporting. 

Post Brexit Guidance Page

We will take great care of your freight from start to finish.

All post Brexit procedures and custom formalities including EX1 , T1 declarations will be handle by us – helping you to avoid delays and extra costs!

If you have cargo that needs moving and want to avoid customs delays and extra contact us today –

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Our Daily Spanish Service – All You Need To Know!

Whether it be Murcia, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona or Irun, we are proud to be one of the very few UK operators who are able to offer genuine daily departures to Spain, with several depots littered across Spain and Portugal.

Thanks to Spain’s booming tourism industry, the country boasts a huge number of thriving companies and small businesses. That’s why whilst many UK based companies only offer a weekly service, which means holding back your goods until the weekend, we see offering a daily service as key to keeping your customers happy and their expectations in check. 

As a company we specialise in “Just In Time” deliveries, where we work with our long-standing and trusted local agents to deliver your goods on time to their destination. Due to our depots in Murcia, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona or Irun we can offer this service country-wide, while you can rest assured that your goods will be delivered efficiently and professionally no matter the location. 

Our services don’t just stop in Spain, with depots in Porto and Lisbon we are able to provide complete coverage of Portugal, including express deliveries with guaranteed transit times if your goods are required quickly. 

Still in need of more information? Contact the team: 01765 641510

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Nidd Transport Joins 700 UK Logistics Businesses To Offer Emergency Delivery Service

Ripon-based Nidd Transport has joined over 700 logistics businesses, all members of the UK’s eight major distribution networks, to put their combined fleet of 23,500 vehicles at the government’s disposal.

In an unprecedented move headed by the Association of Pallet Networks (APN), the networks have joined forces to offer their services for the express distribution of critical emergency and food supplies. 

Between them they have 30,000 employees, over 750 depots, and offer 100 per cent national coverage by postcode. As a member of the Palletforce network, Nidd Transport is a leading distribution specialist within its own region, with knowledge of local distribution centres, essential businesses, hospitals and community hubs.

Tony White at Nidd Transport, said: “We are proud to play our part in this unique collaboration as the entire UK industry joins forces to transport the most vital supplies. Collectively our sector has unrivalled resource and the individual companies are local experts with vast experience of express distribution as a key link in the UK supply chain.”

Michael Conroy, Palletforce chief executive, said: “With members delivering to every UK postcode daily, Palletforce is uniquely placed to offer express distribution of critical goods – safely, quickly and reliably – underpinned by unrivalled local knowledge.”

APN chairman Paul Sanders says: “We are uniquely placed to offer our services to ensure that emergency supplies coming from anywhere and destined for any corner of the UK, can be delivered quickly, safely and reliably to support critical services, whether in rural or urban settings. The distribution of emergency supplies for critical operations – not least ensuring food in our supermarkets and well stocked pharmacies and hospitals – is one of the most important aspects of protecting the UK public during this crisis.”

Pallet networks are one of the most efficient forms of freight distribution enabling overnight deliveries of consignments of any size from a single pallet upwards, anywhere in the UK. Regional members collect freight from their local area, and transport it to the most appropriate regional Hub, where it is reloaded onto vehicles returning to its destination area.

This model is particularly important at a time when many users of essential goods are requiring small frequent deliveries of vital goods with many drop points within a given locality. In 2019 UK pallet networks delivered 26 million pallets of goods. 

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COVID-19 update: Nidd Transport

Nidd Transport would like to make it clear that we are still fully operational and open for business during this time. Whilst we are continuously monitoring the ongoing situation, we are still able to fulfil deliveries throughout the UK and Europe.

Goods to and from Europe may face some delays but the traffic is currently still moving.

As always, everyone at Nidd hopes you stay safe and well!

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Brexit and the Haulage Industry

As you will be aware, the UK ended its partnership with the European Union on Friday 31st January 2020, entering us into a transition period (also known as the implementation period) that’s likely to last until the end of December 2020. Whilst in this transition period the UK will still follow EU rules.

Once the transition period ends there will be changes to the travel and haulage industry and the rules that we must follow.  One of the biggest changes Brexit may bring is customs procedures both for importing and export goods to/from the UK.

Nidd Transport have already taken steps to ensure that we are ready for these new procedures, such as investing in customs software and training courses for our dedicated team.

There are a number of steps you can now take to be prepared for the new  procedures coming into play from January 2021, most importantly registering for an EORI number.

Other steps include:

  1. Appointing an agent, such as Nidd Transport, to handle customs declarations on your behalf
  2. Confirm the Shipping Terms for your job
  3. Determine the Customs Procedure Code (CPC), relevant to your goods
  4. Clarify if your products are controlled goods (e.g. wines and spirits) and are they subject to an Export or Import Licence
  5. Provide a Commercial Invoice for every job – details to be included on this are:
  • Your company name and address
  • Description of the type of packaging
  • Description of product(s) together with Commodity Code(s)
  • The total gross and nett weights of the shipment
  • The total sales value of the shipment and currency
  • A declaration that the goods are of UK manufacture and origin. If the goods are not of UK manufacture or origin then the Country of Origin must be shown

For all up to date information regarding Brexit please click here.

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Nidd Transport and Palletforce – Our Partnership

Since joining as a founder member of the Palletforce network 19 years ago, it’s been a privilege to see the brand grow and go from strength to strength. To this day Palletforce boast 1,000+ years members’ experience in the industry, helping to cover over 25 European countries along the way. 

Being a part of one of the leading overnight pallet operators in the UK, our membership allows us to work together with other highly respected transport companies to enhance and complement our operations so that we work in a smart and efficient way for the benefit of our customers, other road users and the environment.

Here at Nidd, we look after the Spanish & Portuguese import and export traffic for the network. Thanks to our depots in cities such as Irun, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Valencia and Murcia, we are able to offer genuine daily departures to Spain and Portugal with guaranteed transit times.

Being one of the very few UK operators who are able to offer the above service, we prove to be a key part of the network. Our work allows fellow members to offer complete coverage of the Spain and Portugal area.

We are very proud to be a part of this fantastic network, who were kind enough to vote us “Depot of the Year” for the past 4 years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), something which couldn’t have been done without the whole team at Nidd Transport.

Here’s to the future!

If you’d like to find out more about the services we offer, contact the team.

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Brexit Communication

As you will be aware, on Friday 31st January 2020 the UK will end its membership with the European Union and enter a transitional period where all parties will work toward an agreement on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. 

A lot of customers have asked what does this mean for them – The transitional period to negotiate a deal will run from 1st February 2020 until 31st December 2020 and during this time nothing will change with regards how you import and export goods within the EU, the outcome of any agreement reached during this time will take effect from 1st January 2021.

Nidd Transport will be working with all of our customers during 2020 to ensure they are prepared for Brexit and will be available to answer any questions that you may have as the year and negotiations move forward.

Please get in touch should you have any queries in relation to the above and we will be happy to help.

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How to plan your day as a truck driver

As the saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, with the same principles applying if you’re a truck driver. It’s always important to lay out your day ahead of schedule to ensure that you’re using your time efficiently. Planning simply helps drivers know where they’re going, when they’re going to get there and if there could be any issues along the way, here’s our top tips:

Check the weather

It may sound simple but checking the weather before you set off on your journey is always important. As we outlined in our previous blog, the changing weather conditions can make your job as a driver much more difficult, so knowing how you may need to prepare your vehicle can go a long way. 

Plan fuel stops in advance

There’s not much worse than realising you’re running low on fuel when you’ve got no idea where the closest station is. There are plenty of apps out there which can tell you where all the fuel stations are, so pre-planning where you may need to fill up will save you a lot of hassle. Price can fluctuate between different stations also, so it’s important to do your homework before you begin your journey to see where you can pick up the best deal, and whether they accept your fuel card.

Plan your breaks

With a maximum of 56 hours weekly driving limit, along the course of your journey you will have to take regular stops. Depending on whether you’re taking a 45-minute break or you’re settling down for a 9 hour stop over, there are plenty of places up and down the UK that are suitable. Most service stations along the motorway have dedicated truck stop destinations, or you can book yourself in to local hotels that are close to your route. Pre-planning where you are going to take your stops can save you valuable time that you may have spent searching for a suitable location, helping you make sure your goods are delivered on time. 

Use traffic warning apps

In the modern era, mobile phone apps usually know about upcoming RTA’s before we do. Therefore, it’s important you have an up to date application on your phone that can warn you about upcoming accidents on route. If this is done in time, it can allow you to find an alternative route that won’t make you sit in traffic for hours on end. 

Manage expectations 

A key part of your day should always be to keep your customers up to date with your movements. Whether that’s letting them know you’re running slightly behind schedule, or even that you’re going to be there earlier than expected, telling your customers your ETA can help keep their expectations in check. Customer satisfaction should always be at the top of your list as a business, so clear communication is always a good way to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Do you need help with your haulage? Call the team with your requirements to see how we can help. 

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